vineri, 31 iulie 2015

Calcite inside geode

Savona, Liguria, Italy, 27.05.2011

    Calcite crystallisation in geode-like openings in a large boulder ashore of Mediterranean Sea in Savona, Liguria.

joi, 30 iulie 2015

miercuri, 29 iulie 2015

Valladolid - Casa Mantilla

Valladolid, Castilia y Leon, Spain, 06.06.2010

     The four floors building constructed in 1891 is one of  the most representative urban symbol of the modern Valladolid.

marți, 28 iulie 2015

luni, 27 iulie 2015

Romanian butterflies - Apatura iris (female)

Blidari, Maramures, Romania, 18.07.2015

    Butterfly from Nymphalidae family living around mountainous and alpine valleys and creeks. Last years the populations has seen a drop in numbers due to disturbing and lost of habitat, the specie entering the threatened list of Romania's fauna.

sâmbătă, 25 iulie 2015

Gutin Mts. - Valea Sturului

Valea Sturului, M-tii Gutin, Maramureş, Romania, 18.07.2015

vineri, 24 iulie 2015

joi, 23 iulie 2015

Valladolid - monument of Count Pedro Ansúrez

Valladolid, Castillia y Leon, Spain, 06.06.2010

     The monument stands in front of Casa Consistorial in Plaza mayor of Valladolid.
Count Pedro Ansúrez (cca. 1037 -Valladolid, 1118 ) is considered the founder and first lord of Valladolid. The monument is a bronze sculpture by Aurelio Rodríguez-Vicente Carretero and was put in the actual place in 1903.

miercuri, 22 iulie 2015

Medina de Rioseco - panorama from Sequillo river

Medina de Rioseco, Castillia y Leon, Spain, 07.06.2010

Small medieval town in Tierra de Campos with many medieval monuments, religious, military and civilian too.

marți, 21 iulie 2015

Traditional old household objects from Maramureş

Mara, Maramureş, România,  10.06.2012

Old wooden objects used in traditional households not so long ago in villages of Maramureş. This is called also the wood country so naturally many of them are made from wood. Photo was taken at Mara trout hatchery.

luni, 20 iulie 2015

Barcelona - Palacio de la Aduana

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, 27.05.2011

The old customs building, constructed in 1902, today part of the touristic area of Barcelona harbour.

duminică, 19 iulie 2015

Romanian mushrooms - Leccinum carpini

Chiuzbaia, Maramures, Romania, 12.07.2015

Common mushroom in deciduous forests al summer and autumn. Flesh stains black when stained or cut. Edible.

sâmbătă, 18 iulie 2015

Savona - Giuseppe Garibaldi monument

Savona, Liguria, Italy, 27.05.2011

Equestrial statue in memory of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The monument was restored later in 2011 after this photo was taken.

vineri, 17 iulie 2015

Romanian avifauna - Ciconia alba - barza albă

Lucăcesti, Maramures, Romania, 13.04.2011

White stork nesting on an electricity pole in springtime. Relatively warm springtime of 2009 triggered a quite early arrival of storks from their wintering grounds.

luni, 13 iulie 2015

marți, 7 iulie 2015

joi, 2 iulie 2015

Temperate deciduous forest in Romania

Dumbravita, Maramures, Romania, 03.06.2015

    Northern Romania's hills and slopes are covered with areas of deciduous forests alternating with clearings and pastures, bearing together a nice ecological diversity, many species of plants, mushrooms and small animals up to bigger game like deer and boar. The forests are mainly constituted of oak species, along with hornbeam trees, wild cherry trees, beech, alder species, ash trees and shrubs like hazelnut, elder, hawtorn, and others. The forest floor are filled with wildflowers in springtime and a multitude of mushrooms in summer and autumn. All this vegetal layers support many species of invertebrates, forest frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals.